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Wondering how travel agents stay in business these days when 'everyone' can book online? 

Believe it or not, hours of internet research, blindly trusting in companies that you've never travelled with and entering your credit card information on various sites online does NOT sound like fun to everyone! Triple the stress if you are responsible for booking family or friends on the same trip. Not to mention things you might never consider, like the importance of travel insurance, visas and vaccines needed for specific countries.

As an adventure Travel Consultant, I am here to save you time, help give you piece of mind and value for your hard earned dollar. If you know you want to travel but are overwhelmed with all of the options, I can match your time, budget and interests to a great destination for you. If you are short on time and can't be bothered with research, I have the knowledge and inside track to find exactly what you are looking for while you concentrate on your family or career. If you are concerned about traveling with a company who might not have the best reputation, you can rest assured that we only work with the best in the industry, many whom I have tested personally on my travels around the world. Or, maybe your travels are unique and complicated and you just don't feel like going it alone! From tracking down locally run city tours, reliable adventure companies (shark cage diving / hot air ballooning / water sports) to fully customized vacations where your flights, hotels and car rental are all wrapped up in one nice little package, I can save you hours of research.

If you need help sorting through your options, deciding on a location and booking everything for a super adventure without all the hassle, let's work together! For just $60 + tax (CAD), I will chat with you to help you determine where and when you'd like to go as well as the costs. I'll offer up lots of options that suit your needs and requirements and then can take care of the booking process for you so that you never have to wait on hold or deal with language barriers while booking. Rest assured that my first-hand world travel experience will have you in good hands.

Don't forget that this also gives you after-booking support! Flights changed? Stranded somewhere because of a flight cancellation? Your tour wasn't up to snuff? I've always got your back and will do my best to resolve situations as quickly as possible while you continue about your vacation day rather than sitting inside on hold with the airlines.

** Custom trip planning for Round the World itineraries and travels for longer than three weeks may be subject to additional consultation fees depending on the complexity of arrangements. Rate always to be discussed, agreed upon and charged in advance of services.

If you've already narrowed down your options and know which country / countries you'd like to visit and have an idea of the activities you'd like to do, then contact me about a free consultation and booking. If you are choosing a pre-packaged vacation, I am happy to work with you to make sure the booking process is smooth and that you have the best advice before you travel, at no additional cost. Generally speaking the price is the same whether you book online or through me, however, I often get insider knowledge on specials, discounts and additional gifts and amenities. I'd love to support you and make sure you have a terrific vacation and would love the opportunity to have your business.