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Growing up in Florenceville, New Brunswick, the daughter of a nurse and a high school teacher, Shari (Chapman) Tucker never dreamed she would someday own her own business. Ten years after photographing her first wedding she's still going strong.

Shari graduated with honours from Nova Scotia Community College for Photography and Digital Imaging in 2005, two years after that first wedding. She was known for wedding and portrait photography in those early days, but now focuses on business-to-business photography, specifically capturing the story of a business by photographing the skills and talents of their workforce.

In 2008 Shari embarked on a personal journey creating a project of art from the heart called Young & Fearless. By June 2010 she had hosted three successful social awareness art shows and published her first photography book called Young & Fearless – Inspiration of Cancer Survivors. The book is a compilation of beautiful photographs and stories of 30 cancer survivors who are all 30 years and younger.

Shari's photography is also featured in Photosensitive's TIEd Together and Fuel of Life exhibits and books. In 2009-2010 10 of Shari’s photos travelled the country as part of the Cancer Connections national traveling exhibit and were also included in the Cancer Connections book in 2011.

Several of Shari’s life-defining moments are the direct result of travel. In December 1997, on her flight home from Grand Prairie, Alberta, her plane crashed near the airport in Fredericton, NB. At 19 years old, having survived a plane crash, life began to look a little different.

After several years of staying close to home, in 2006 Shari drove to Boston to take a cruise to Bermuda. The travel bug took hold and Shari began to think about the cultures, food, beauty and the stories of people from other countries that she had been missing out on. In 2008, 11 years after her plane crash, she confronted her fear of flying with a nice, short flight to Bermuda.

Shari now has a new passion for travel. Since 2007 she has been to many countries including: St. Pierre & Miquelon (France), Varadero (Cuba), Mayan Riveria (Mexico), Berlin (Germany), Poland, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands, Peru, Dominican Republic and New Orleans (USA).

With a passion for photography, travel and people’s stories, Shari is now leading unforgettable photo tour experiences for amateur photographers. The first one was a great success in early 2012. Peru Through the Lens brought together nine photo enthusiasts who spent 12 days traveling Peru, having unforgettable experiences and practicing many new photo skills.

Shari is currently based in Halifax, Nova Scotia--until her next adventure.

You can connect with Shari on facebook – www.facebook.com/Your.Story.Captured, check out her work at www.sharitucker.com or follow her travel blog at IPictureTheWorld.Wordpress.com.